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Every business is different, and that’s why we’ve designed FleetSharp with the flexibility you need to match the unique needs of your business. FleetSharp helps you run your business, rather than your business running you.

At FleetSharp, small businesses are our focus. We’re helping thousands of customers take advantage of the savings fleet tracking has to offer. There are multiple benefits to your business and you can start saving almost immediately.


Reduce Fuel Costs

One of the most immediate and easily measureable benefits of fleet tracking is the ability to reduce fuel usage. Fuel costs provide a drag on your business’ profitability. Using FleetSharp you can reduce your fuel usage by 20% or more every month. Every 60 minutes of idle time reduced saves one gallon of fuel, which can add up to big savings across your fleet every month. Reducing speeding by 10 MPH on average can save an additional 10% a month. And finding more efficient routes for your drivers can save even more.

Improve Fleet Safety

It might surprise you that encouraging your drivers to make some simple changes to their driving habits can lead to increased savings for your business. The FleetSharp solution gives you ways to save by reducing unsafe driving habits such as rabbit starts and stops, curbing unauthorized usage of your vehicles, and lowering the speed at which your vehicles are driven. Reducing aggressive driving habits can significantly reduce the risk of vehicle accidents, which can cost an employer an average of $16,500. FleetSharp’s driver safety tools also help you reduce wear and tear on your vehicles, reducing maintenance expenses.

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Grow Your Business with Better Service

The FleetSharp GPS tracking system allows you to improve the overall level of service and support you provide to your customers. You can use the system to help your employees be more productive and efficient. Using FleetSharp you can improve dispatching, monitor the amount of time your workers are spending at customer locations, and increase the amount of service calls you can handle due to more efficient routing and worker accountability.

Make Your Business Operations More Efficient

You need to get the most out of your employees and your vehicles. Time and expense are money. The FleetSharp GPS tracking solution helps to boost productivity and reduce your fleet operating costs. FleetSharp helps you quickly review the actual hours your vehicles are in use, run reports for employee time tracking, reduce unauthorized vehicle usage and overtime fraud, and increase the amount of work your teams can handle through more efficient work.