How do I install my wired device?

Wiring the device into a vehicle is easy, and requires installation inside the passenger compartment of the vehicle.

The wired device has a series of wires — you will only need to attach three of these wires to your vehicle (the additional wires are for future features or functions). The three wires you need are: the red wire (power), the longer of the two black wires (ground) and the white wire (ignition sense).

You can check the installation by viewing our Wired Installation Video.

  1. Find the constant red power wire in your vehicle. Cut and strip this wire.
  2. Cut and strip the red wire on the FleetSharp device.
  3. Connect the two red wires and crimp. This connection provides power to the device.
  4. Connect the FleetSharp black wire to your vehicle’s chassis. This connection serves as a ground for the device.
  5. Locate the vehicle’s ignition wire (reference the vehicle’s wiring diagram in order to locate).
  6. Verify the ignition wire by measuring the operating voltage while the key is turned to the ON or START position (the voltage should read 0 VDC when the key is in the o position, and typically between 11V and 14V when in the ON position).
  7. Connect the white wire on the FleetSharp device to the vehicle's ignition wire. This connection allows the device to report ignition OFF and ON events.
  8. An optional plastic zip tie is included to secure the device under the vehicle dash with the label that reads “Label Side Down” facing down.
  9. Allow 5-10 minutes for the device to power up and obtain a cellular and GPS fix. Your vehicle must be outside and not in a covered area so that it will receive GPS signal.
  10. When working properly, the blue light will blink once every 3 seconds and you will see a blinking green light. You should see your car’s location on the map (may take up to two hours).