How do I set up check engine alert notifications?

If the check engine light is triggered in one of your vehicles, you can choose to receive immediate notification of the event.

To set up notifications for check engine lights:

  1. Click Alerts at the top of the screen and choose Notification Setup on the left side.
  2. Click +Add Notification.
  3. Choose a name for the notification.
  4. Select vehicles, drivers, or groups for which the notification applies. Reminder: you should only choose vehicles that are compatible with the check engine light feature.
  5. Choose the Check Engine alert type.
  6. Choose the frequency with which you will receive notifications.
  7. Enter email addresses for those who should receive the notifications. (Note: notifications can be sent to any valid email address.)
  8. Designate which mobile app users should receive notifications. (Note: users must have the mobile app downloaded, and be logged in as an account user, to receive notifications.)
  9. Click Save.

You can also click the Edit button on any existing notification setup to add Check Engine notifications.