How do I set up maintenance reminders?

You can keep track of maintenance schedules for each of your vehicles and receive reminder alerts when it is time for your next service.

To set up maintenance reminders:

  1. Click Maintenance at the top of the window. Click Set Up Reminders on the left.
  2. Choose the vehicle for which you want to set a reminder from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click Add New Reminder.
    • Enter the current odometer reading for the selected vehicle.
    • Choose a service type. You can also add a custom type by clicking Add/Edit New Types.
    • Choose the type of reminder: time based, mileage based, or engine hours based. Complete the required information for the chosen type.
    • Enter email addresses or cellular phone numbers to receive the maintenance reminder alert, separated by commas.
    • Click Save.
  4. To edit an existing reminder, click the edit (pencil) icon under Edit/Delete.
  5. To remove an existing reminder, click the delete (trash can) icon under Edit/Delete.

You can also copy existing reminders from one vehicle to another:

  1. Click the Copy Reminders button.
  2. Choose the vehicle to copy reminders from, and the vehicle to which reminders should be copied.
  3. Enter the current odometer reading for the new vehicle (or engine operating hours for a piece of equipment).
  4. Select the reminders to copy. Click Save.