How do I set up speeding alerts?

There are two different kinds of speeding alerts: Speeding and High Speed. Speeding alerts are triggered when a vehicle drives a set number of miles per hour above the posted speed limit. High Speed alerts are triggered whenever a vehicle goes above a designated speed, regardless of posted speed limit.

  1. Choose Alerts or Setup at the top of the screen and choose Alert Settings.
  2. Under Alert Settings set the Speeding Threshold to the number of MPH above the posted speed limit that will trigger an alert. (Example: if you set the Speeding Threshold to 10 MPH, it will trigger a Speeding alert when a vehicle begins to travel 55 MPH in a 45 MPH speed zone.)
  3. Set the High Speed Threshold to the highest speed you wish vehicles to drive regardless of posted speed limits. (Example: if you set the High Threshold to 65 MPH, you will receive an alert anytime a vehicle exceeds that speed.)