Realtime GPS Tracking

The FleetSharp solution gives you more than simple GPS locations. Our interactive tool give you the full picture and allow you to quickly make decisions.

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Save Money

Increase productivity, reduce fuel and labor costs, improves fleet safety. FleetSharp puts you on the fast track to savings for your business.

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How Does It Work?

Ready to see FleetSharp GPS system in action? Let’s give you a free demo today to show how Fleetsharp can take your business to a next level.

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FREE GPS Buyer’s Guide

What should you expect to pay for a GPS Fleet Tracking System? Download this free guide to help you make the right decision.

FleetSharp Overview Video

Click the image below for a short FleetSharp system video.

Advanced Functions to Better Manage Your Business

New Dispatch Module

The FleetSharp Dispatch module lets you send jobs to the FleetSharp mobile app on your driver’s phone. See how jobs progress and when work is completed.

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Messaging Made Easy

Using the FleetSharp mobile app and web system, you and your drivers are in constant contact.

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Driver-level Tracking

FleetSharp gives you the ability to not only track the activity of your vehicles, but also monitor who’s driving and how they’re driving.

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