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A Powerful Addition to FleetSharp Vehicle Tracking

LinxCam is a fully integrated solution that helps your business avoid accidents and reduce insurance claims.

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A dash cam solution focused on safety.

Fully integrated with your new or existing FleetSharp GPS trackers.

Both in-cab and road visibility

Pairs video with existing GPS alerts

reduces risk and liability

Optional AI alerts and auditory coaching

Easy to Install and Operate.

The linxCam securely installs to the windshield with the provided mount to prevent tampering or theft.

128GB of onboard storage

Internal gyroscope, accelerometer, and temperature sensor

1440p HD exterior-facing camera and 720p HD infrared interior-facing camera

Compact size will not reduce driver visibility (Dimensions: 3.4”x2.4”x1.1”)

Supported by U.S.-based staff

Dash cams can help protect your business

With 4G LTE connectivity, videos instantly upload to the cloud and are available via mobile app or web browser.

Instantly share videos with adjusters and law enforcement

Gain the ability to spot check drivers to ensure policy adherence

Use videos with GPS data to coach drivers and mitigate risky behaviors

Hazard and safety warnings to help prevent accidents

Real time alerts on your desktop, mobile app, text message, and email

Improved customer service

Proof of service and accurate customer billing are only the beginning.

verify presence on job sites or proof of delivery

provide images of areas of concern or opportunities for added services

ability to reward safe employees going above and beyond

coach those who need improvement

LinxCam with AI brings the dash cam to the next level.

When you add AI to your linxCam, you get robust dash cam features and advantages plus an unsurpassed focus on real-time driver and vehicle safety, including auditory alerts to the driver and real time email, text, and portal alerts to managers for:


Driver Cell Phone Use

No Seat Belt Detection

Camera Tampering

FleetSharp LinxCam Options

FleetSharp provides the dash cam service that fits your business' needs.



  • Integrated fully into the FleetSharp tracking system
  • View both front and rear camera views, that upload to the cloud instantly
  • Real-time alerts, distracted driver monitoring, and actionable insights

LinxCam with AI

  • tailgating alerts
  • cell phone use alerts
  • no seat belt alert
  • camera tampering alert
  • Plus all the great base LinxCam features

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install the Linxcam myself?

Yes. Easy to follow video and print instructions are proviced.

Does the Linxcam come with mounting hardware?


How does the Linxcam receive power?

It connects to the vehicle's OBD port.

Do I have to purchase a monthly data plan from FleetSharp to use a linxCam?