FleetSharp | GPS Fleet Tracking Solution

Where’s your equipment right now?
How safe are your drivers?
How efficient is your fleet?

We have the answers.

How it Works
FleetSharp GPS mapping capabilities
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If it’s valuable, we can track it.

Vehicle Tracking

  • Get powerful GPS mapping
  • Monitor safe driving behaviors
  • Get real-time alerts for speeding and more
  • Dispatch the nearest workers
  • Track maintenance

Asset Tracking

  • Find lost assets
  • Measure utilization
  • Get alerts if equipment is on the move
  • Monitor maintenance activity
  • Measure equipment usage hours
Route replay on mobile app

Reduce Fuel Costs

Using FleetSharp you can reduce fuel usage by 20% or more every month.

Improve Fleet Safety

Monitor and improve safe driving habits and identify problem drivers.

Deliver Better Customer Service

Identify the closest worker to a job site. Resolve customer disputes with proof of service.