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Our Benefits

Our software frees you up so you can focus on running your business. Let us show you how you can start saving almost immediately.


Reduce Fuel Costs

Fleet tracking can reduce fuel usage by up to 20% by monitoring and reducing the amount of time drivers spend idling. It quickly adds up to big savings.

Every 60 minutes of idle time reduced saves one gallon of fuel

Reducing speeding by 10 MPH on average can save an additional 10% a month

Finding more efficient routes for your drivers can save even more

Improve Fleet Safety

Encouraging drivers to make simple changes to their driving habits can lead to big savings. FleetSharp helps reduce unsafe driving habits such as:

Rabbit starts and stops

Unauthorized vehicle usage


Aggressive driving habits

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Grow Your Business with Better Service

FleetSharp GPS system makes your workers more productive and efficient allowing you to improve the level of service you provide to your customers. Using FleetSharp you can:

Locate the nearest worker and Improve dispatching

Monitor the amount of time your workers spend customer locations

Increase the amount of service calls you can handle each day

Make Your Business Operations More Efficient

FleetSharp GPS tracking boosts productivity and reduces your fleet operating costs. FleetSharp helps you:

Quickly review the actual hours your vehicles are in use

Run reports for employee time tracking

Reduce unauthorized vehicle usage and overtime fraud

Increase the amount of work your teams can handle