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Employee Time Tracking

Ensure driver paid time matches the time worked.

Make Processing Time Cards Easier and More Accurate

FleetSharp’s integrated time reporting functionality gives you an easy-to-use tool that can supplement or replace your existing timecard solution and ensure that time worked matches time paid. Best of all, the solution offers you the flexibility to match how the system works to how your business handles time reporting for field workers.

The Benefits of GPS-Enabled Time Reporting

The FleetSharp time reporting tool benefits you by:

Match time worked to time paid
We give you the ability to match on-the-clock time with vehicle usage time so you can have confidence that payroll is accurate. The system allows you to generate time cards matched to your payroll schedule and formats them in an easy-to-use timecard format.

Mirror your existing processes
Our system gives you the flexibility to decide when a day starts and ends, whether a driver needs to be at a particular location to start or end a day and more.

Reduce paperwork and steps from the process
Using our time tracking, you no longer need to track down your workers and remind them to turn in timesheets or correct errors. You just need someone to run the report and hit print.