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Powerful GPS Mapping Tools

With FleetSharp's intuitive web-based system, you can monitor your drivers in real time. Powered by Google Maps, the industry'ss leading map software, you get accurate locations along with familiar features such as street view and interactive traffic reporting.

Gain Instant Vehicle Insights

Get a real-time view of all the vehicles in your fleet. You can quickly review individual vehicles or groups of vehicles and:

  • View multiple map views (satellite, road view)
  • Toggle interactive map labels to quickly identify each vehicle
  • Interact with vehicle details including speed, address, direction and more.
  • Review helpful markers and icons on the map revealing driver specifics.

Find The Nearest Driver

Our maps interface lets you quickly search for any address or location and then immediately identify the nearest driver. It`s a valuable way to find and dispatch your workers.

Mark Important Places on the Map

Using Geofences, you can put virtual fences around key locations or landmarks on the map. This allows you to quickly identify key customer locations, job sites or other points of interest. You can also configure the system to send you alerts and reports when your workers enter or leave these locations.

Review Driver History

Do you want to review a driver`s activity for the day? Our animated, interactive Route Replay feature gives you more than your driver’s location. It allows you to play back each day’s activity and drill down into detailed trip segments for each vehicle. You can review speed information, time spent at stops and more. It truly brings each driver’s activity to life.

Drill-Down with Google Street View

Using Google’s Street View feature allows you to get a 360-degree road-level view of a driver’s route throughout the day. The system also allows you to save and revisit frequently viewed regions of the map.