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Management Dashboard

Quickly assess the performance of your fleet through our Fleet Activity Dashboard.

Take the Pulse of Your Fleet

The FleetSharp Fleet Activity Dashboard is one of the most powerful tools in the system. This interactive dashboard allows you to get a quick read on the performance, safety and possible concerns with your drivers and your fleet. The dashboard:

  • Reports on the miles, both authorized and unauthorized, that your drivers are covering and their total drive time.
  • Provides a Fleet Safety Grade for all the vehicles in your fleet, and lets you quickly review your drivers' safety performance from best to worst.
  • Gives you a read on how long your drivers are stopped and the average amount of time they are spending at each location.
  • Monitors idle activity showing you who is most frequently exceeding your Idle time threshold.

You Can't Fix What you Can't Measure

Our motto is, “You can’t fix what you can’t measure.” That’s why we’ve put so much focus on providing you with detailed, insightful reports that don’t just report data, but give you powerful tools to improve your business. We’re adding new reports all the time, but using our reports you can:

  • Reduce overtime costs
  • Identify your high and low performers
  • Eliminate excessive idling
  • Improve safe driving behavior

The Data You Need to Make Improvements

FleetSharp reports include:

  • Driver Safety Report Cards
  • Detailed trip reporting that show each driver's daily activity
  • Stops activity reporting that help you pinpoint inefficiency
  • Idle activity reporting that identifies and reduces excessive idling
  • State mileage reporting for state fuel tax reporting needs (IFTA)
  • Alert summary reporting