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About Us

FleetSharp has been delivering GPS tracking solutions for fleets and businesses since 2004.

We serve thousands of customers with fleets both small and large. FleetSharp is proud to offer business owners the easiest, most reliable and affordable GPS tracking solution available.


Reasons to Choose FleetSharp

We put our focus and efforts into the needs of small business owners.

Our system is consistently rated as one of the easiest, most intuitive products on the market.

We have an outstanding record of system uptime and availability.

We develop all of our solutions using our in-house development team.

We provide outstanding, free, U.S.-based customer support.

We provide free, unlimited, ongoing training (rarely needed because we make it so easy).

We consistently add new features and tools to our solution.

You can start saving in just days with FleetSharp.

We provide the best value and cost in the industry.