GPS Fleet Tracking Solution for Jobber | FleetSharp

Where are your drivers and trucks?
Get real-time GPS tracking for your business.

FleetSharp is the GPS solution you need.

FleetSharp GPS mapping capabilities

FleetSharp GPS is the easy, affordable way to track and monitor vehicles, assets, and equipment.

If it's valuable, we can track it.

Route replay on mobile app

Reduce Fuel Costs

FleetSharp reduces fuel usage by up to 20%.

Improve Fleet Safety

Monitor and improve safe driving habits and identify problem drivers.

Deliver Better Customer Service

Identify the closest worker to a job site. Resolve customer disputes with proof of service.

Guard Against Costly Theft

Ensure your vehicles and assets are where they're supposed to be.

Keep tabs on your entire fleet of vehicles and assets with our simple-to-use solution.

FleetSharp provides a complete solution for fleet managers to track vehicle and asset locations, driver behavior, and maintenance needs — all in one place.

Vehicle Trackers

FleetSharp OBD Plug

  • Installs in seconds by plugging in to the OBDII port
  • Reports once a minute when vehicle is on, once an hour when off
  • Not much bigger than a car key (2″ x 1.8″ x 1″)
  • Power is supplied directly from the OBDII port
  • Perfect for automobiles and light and medium duty trucks manufactured after 1996
  • 4G cellular network

FleetSharp Wired

  • 3-wire installation takes minutes
  • Reports once a minute when vehicle is on, once an hour when off
  • Not much bigger than a car key (2″ x 1.8″ x 1″)
  • Power is supplied directly from the vehicle
  • Perfect for vehicles without an OBDII port, or when you need to prevent tampering
  • 4G cellular network

LinxCam — Dash Cam Add-On

  • Integrated fully into the FleetSharp tracking system
  • View both front and rear camera views, that upload to the cloud instantly
  • Real-time alerts, distracted driver monitoring, and actionable insights

FleetSharp Asset Trackers

FleetSharp AT3 Asset GPS Tracker

  • Fits on smaller equipment and assets
  • Easy installation – three-wires
  • Once-a-day reporting on battery / Reports every 10 minutes when powered and moving
  • Weather-proof case (IP66 rated)
  • Rechargeable battery with 3-month charge (Battery recharges when hooked to power using attached wire harness)

FleetSharp ATSolar Equipment Tracker

  • Specifically designed for tracking non-powered equipment and assets
  • Provides self-charging, solar-powered battery that lasts up to 10 years
  • Supports multiple installation options
  • Reports once every 3 hours when stationary / reports every 10 minutes when in motion

FleetSharp ATLT Daily - Long Term Asset Tracker

  • Fits on any size equipment
  • Operates for up to 3 years
  • Easy to attach and move to different assets as needed
  • Reports once a day
  • Switch to recovery mode / 10 minutes between pings
  • Rugged and weather-proof