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Reduce Fuel Costs


A Gallon of Gas Saved is Money Saved

One of the most immediate and easily measureable benefits of fleet tracking is the ability to reduce fuel usage. Fuel costs provide a drag on your business’ profitability. Using FleetSharp you can reduce your fuel usage by 20% or more every month.

FleetSharp’s tracking system and detailed performance data gives you the tools you need to quickly impact fuel usage. So just how does using FleetSharp impact fuel use?

An Idle Car Still Burns Gas

Vehicle idling

That’s pretty impressive savings, and that’s just from the reduction in vehicle Idling. But FleetSharp gives you more ways to save on fuel.

The Shortest Distance Between Two Points

Because FleetSharp gives you the ability to locate the nearest driver to any job site or customer, you can make better informed decisions about who to dispatch. When you couple that with the ability to route drivers around traffic jams, you can see an easy path to fuel savings.

And how often do your drivers take the scenic route to a job site or task? Reviewing your driver’s daily activities can help you quickly identify opportunities for more efficient routes. It saves you money in both fuel and time.

“Slow Down Speed Racer!”

A green light does not signal the start of a NASCAR race. High-speed driving and jack-rabbit starts increase both fuel use and emissions. Just reducing your speed from 75 MPH on the highway to 65 MPH can cut your fuel use by up to 20%. Making more gradual stops and starts brings even more savings.

By allowing you to establish speed thresholds for your drivers, FleetSharp helps you rein in those lead feet and bring your fuel costs down. And our driver safety monitoring of rabbit-starts and harsh braking gives you even more ammunition in the fight against fuel expenses. Hey, and it’s good for the environment as well.