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Dispatch and Messaging

Send jobs and messages to your workers and monitor each job as it progresses.

Keep Your Drivers Engaged and Working

The FleetSharp Dispatch module gives you a powerful system for managing the work of your fleet. By deploying the FleetSharp mobile app on each of your drivers' phones, you extend the power of the FleetSharp system.

  • Send jobs or work orders to any driver in your system and then monitor the progress of each job.
  • Have your drivers receive jobs on the FleetSharp mobile app. You'll know when they receive them, when they start working, and when they complete a job.
  • Give your driver customer specifics and the address for the work with each job. Drivers can get immediate turn-by-turn directions to each location.
  • Keep each day on track and each driver engaged.

Stop Searching for Drivers – Message Them

With FleetSharp messaging, you can leverage the FleetSharp mobile app with each of your drivers. Using Messaging, you can quickly send notes, updates, or information to your drivers and get quick responses or questions from the field. Messaging allows you to:

  • Send broadcast messages to drivers, groups of drivers, or all drivers.
  • Keep track of message and conversation strings quickly and easily.
  • Extend the power of FleetSharp to the mobile app on your drivers' phones.