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Fuel Card Integration & Reporting

Know when and how often your equipment is in use.

Monitor Fuel Efficiency and Service

FleetSharp allows you to integrate your Fuel Card solution with our GPS data – it’s an approach that will give you complete control and help to reduce fuel usage. We give you a suite of reporting tools that allow you to:

  • Verify fuel card reporting data
  • Identify fuel card abuses across your fleet
  • Better manage fuel usage and expense
  • Receive alerts for suspicious looking fuel card transactions

Reports Deliver Valuable Insights

FleetSharp gives a number of valuable fuel card reports to help you maximize fuel efficiency including:

Fuel Card Purchase History
This report shows you all purchase details by vehicle or driver and matches it to the location where the purchase was made. You get a complete overview of all fuel transactions and the ability to compare usage to budget.

Fuel Efficiency Report
Compare usage by vehicle and identify where you may be having issues.

Fuel Slippage Report
This report helps you quickly identify potential abuses by spotlighting events where a vehicle wasn't actually at the location where the fuel card was used and where more gas was pumped than the vehicle’s tank can hold.